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John Stoddard

Dear Berkshire Local Schools Community,

Visible strides of construction momentum characterize the overall building project for the District’s new PreK-12 school, and onlookers who observe beyond the Kent State Geauga facility and the horizon of the Fairgrounds can now see walls and infrastructure forming. With the assistance of BSHM Architects, Inc., and ICON, the new facility is ‘coming-to-life,’ with many of the foundational aspects of the project underway. The foundation for the facility has been entirely poured, blocks have been set for many of the walls throughout the building and various other structural aspects are underway. Since late spring and early summer of 2020, construction activities have literally progressed around the clock.

Any number of contractors and laborers busily work onsite, with each new task completed in the process revealing another exciting step toward what looks to be a real structure. Masons are constructing the giant separating walls that outline such anticipated amenities as the new basketball courts and performing arts center. Plumbers and electricians are running conduit lines and other arterial piping just before concrete slab floors are finalized. Machines moving cinderblocks, backfill stone and gravel and lines of various sort move quickly along to keep workers in-motion.

The next major milestone of this project will be for beam work to start, which is anticipated for as early as next week. With the structural foundation elements already in place, the steel beams will truly begin to demonstrate the exterior shape and shell of the 200,000 square foot facility. In total, the footprint of the new PreK-12 facility sits on 6 acres, of the approximately 32 that the Berkshire Local Schools has leased from Kent State University-Geauga. In terms of visualizing the building, PreK and Kindergarten wings will be found on the extreme northeast corner of the building, while Elementary Grades 1st through 4th will be situated on the south east quadrant of the building. Between these elementary wings and the middle and high school wings will be the Performing Arts Center, the Gymnasiums, student dining area and other amenities. The Middle School grades 5th through 8th will exist on northwestern corner of the facility, while the High School grades of 9 through 12 will be located on the southwestern part of the facility. The footprint of the building is connected by several drives some 500 yards from Claridon-Troy Road. Athletic amenities are expected to be located on the far eastern part of the facility and property as well.

As a way for our community to help and support the need for some planned athletic amenities, the Berkshire Local Schools directs your attention to the Prime+ Capital Campaign, and its website, appropriately titled for more information.  The Berkshire Education Foundation, which is the driving force behind the Prime+ Capital Campaign is encouraging our community to see the value that co-curricular participation can cultivate among our Badger students. The campaign’s focus is to raise additional funds needed for the athletic facilities, enhancements to the arts programs and other various educational components. Please take a moment to visit this campaign online.

Please be sure to visit the Berkshire Local Schools website to see more updates on construction progress on a regular basis. In addition, a variety of interesting student-based stories are posted there as well, that demonstrate the innovative instruction and creating learning that is taking place at all grade levels in our District.

Thank you for your continued support of the Berkshire Local Schools.


John Stoddard
Berkshire Local Schools


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