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Stay Safe, Speak Up!

Student Safety Reporting System

About Stay Safe. Speak Up!

The Stay Safe. Speak Up! Student Safety Reporting System is provided for students and parents to report concerns to school officials which may affect the peace of mind of students or jeopardize the safety of people or school facilities.  Students are encouraged to take an active role in keeping our school and accompanying school environment safe and secure through this “See Something, Say Something” approach. Parent, just like students, if you believe your student is being bullied, harassed, or you suspect any type of suspicious behavior, contact your student’s principal or report the incident through our Student Safety Reporting System. We encourage the whole school community, "If You See Something, Say Something."


Your Reporting Options:

  • (1) To submit a report online, click here
    Stay Safe. Speak Up!
  • (2) Telephone hotline, call 1-866-547-8362
  • (3) Mobile app Search for 'Stay Safe. Speak Up!' on the App Store or Google Play (District Code = badgers)

Example Concerns to Report: Concerns may include, but are not limited to, bullying, abuse, threats, cyber crimes, discrimination, drugs, health concerns, suspicious behavior, vandalism, fighting, & weapons.

Thank you...Your information helps us maintain a school environment that is safe and conducive for learning!