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Title I

Title I

Title I is a Federal aid program through which Berkshire Local School District receives funding to provide supplemental instruction for students who qualify. The allocation of these funds for most Ohio school districts is based on a legislative formula dependent upon the distribution of
low-income children and state per-pupil expenditures.

The Title I Program at Berkshire Local Schools is conducted during the school day throughout the school year and is dedicated to serving students in the elementary grades at Berkshire Elementary.  Students are selected for program participation based on teacher recommendation, parent input, performance on Standardized testing, Title I math/reading testing and economic need. Title I services, which will focus on math and reading intervention, will be directed to students who have met the criteria guidelines. Students will be serviced by either: 1) limited pullout (where students are removed from classrooms for a limited period of time for a more one-on-one instruction; or 2) remain in their regular class and receive extra
assistance and time.

Reading is the basis for school success! Parents are encouraged to be actively involved and to provide a strong foundation through encouragement and practice. Participation from parents helps improve their child’s academic achievements.

Note: In accordance with federal legislation’s No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) school districts receiving Title I federal funds are required to notify parents of their right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s teacher. This includes degrees and certifications held and whether the teacher is certified in the area in which they are teaching. If you wish this information, please contact the principal at Berkshire Elementary.