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Berkshire Students Create Chemis-Tree Ornaments

silvered & designed by AP Chemistry student Evania McCandless

In the spirit of the holiday season, students in chemistry classes taught by instructor Carey Maske demonstrated their knowledge of scientific concepts and utilized a variety of chemical processes to create unique holiday ornaments. Chemistry I students chose a specific element of the Periodic Table to spotlight by creating ornaments that visually reflected the properties of each element while also incorporating holiday colors and decorations. A certificate accompanied each ornament and featured a written description of the selected element, including its atomic number, electron configuration, properties, how it is present in the natural world and used in manufactured products. Each atomic ornament and certificate were then hung on the classroom “Chemis-Tree” to highlight the students’ impressive work. Students were also given the opportunity to vote for their favorite ornaments and win prizes! AP Chemistry students learned how to apply different chemical processes to create assorted holiday items. This included designing and silvering glass bulb ornaments, coppering a piece of galvanized metal through oxidation-reduction reactions (Redox Chemistry), and making snow globes using Benzoic acid after oxidizing it from Benzaldehyde. Congratulations to all participating students for their festive and impressive holiday creations!

Chem I student Caeley Powell designed this Nitrogen ornament and CertificateRhin Doehrman Ornament made by coppering galvanized metalSilver by Brooklyn Pope

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