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National Chemistry Week Prompts Mole Day Activity at Berkshire Schools


High level thinking and learning was underway recently on October 23rd, which is regarded as National Mole Day, and which is celebrated during National Chemistry Week, to honor 1 Mole, or the equivalent of 6.022 X 10^23 particles. High School students in Chemistry I made stuffed moles in class, toke them home and decorated them to the theme of their choice. Then, students voted on the best-looking stuffed critters with awards for “The Best Mole-Lookin’ Mole,” and “The Mole that should have stayed in its hole.” Creatively, the Mola Lisa earned the most votes. Recognizing National Mole Day, and celebrating National Chemistry Week during the fall is another way that our S.T.E.M. and chemistry learning opportunities are finding memorable ways to remember important aspects of their science educational experience. Go Badgers.

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