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Badger Lab Teaching Students Collaborative and Relationship-Building Skills


The Berkshire Local Schools would like to recognize one creative effort that is underway to help students participate in real-world, vocational skill building, through our very own Badger Lab. Through the help and guidance of our Intervention Specialist team, students participating in the Badger Lab have been busy with our school-wide vocational program, such as assisting the kitchen with stocking food items, doing dishes, and meal preparation.  Participants in the Badger Lab are also helping to set up for football games, and actually operating a shredding lab for the purpose of shredding documents as well. In the process of honing these skills, the Badger Lab has assembled a building-wide educational materials lamination business, recycling resource, performed custodial duties and has helped in sorting mail for staff.  The goal of our program is to prepare our students for success by transitioning them into the community.  This coming Thursday, we are opening our Badger Cafe which will serve coffee and hot chocolate from our local Coffee Corners Coffee Shop.  This will teach the students about the service industry as well as the interconnectedness of personal needs, businesses who can help service those needs and the economic impact of collaboration and relationships with local business owners and our staff and student customers in our school community. In all, this is an effective and fun method to instruct our students in critical thinking and real-life skills. Way to go, to Mrs. Ashley Brzozowski, Mr. Joe Cirino and everyone else involved in making the Badger Lab a success!


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