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Burton Kindergarteners Learn How to Be a Super Hero!

Burton Kindergarten Super Heroes 1

The Burton Elementary Kindergarten Team recently completed their first Project Based Learning experience.  This experience was an opportunity for the incoming kindergarten students to learn how to be a “Kindergarten Super Hero”.  The first week was spent sharing stories about friendship, school and how to be a good friend.  They completed a variety of activities and STEM design challenges to reinforce this concept.

Next, they worked on defining what a Hero is.  After much discussion and exploration, they realized that a Hero does not have to have amazing powers, but rather is someone who helps others.  After coming to this realization, they began to brainstorm ways as kindergarten students, they could help others within our school community.

The Kindergarten classrooms then discussed ways that staying safe and healthy can help our schoolwide community.  The students listened to stories about coronavirus and the different ways it can spread.  Each classroom then discussed ways to help mitigate the spread of the virus.  They learned through STEM challenges and experiments that wearing masks, washing hands thoroughly and frequently, and keeping a physical distance between students are great ways to help prevent the spread of germs. Students learned the proper way to wash hands through a variety of videos and songs.  They also completed an experiment that used paint as the “soap” and demonstrated that when washing properly, the soap should cover the hands completely. The Kindergarten classrooms are still in the process of a bread “germ” experiment in which they track data daily. 

Throughout these weeks, Kindergarten teachers and students continued to talk about ways to be a good friend. Students created posters that shared the positive things they would like to see, hear, and feel in our classroom, hallway, and cafeteria. They also discussed the things that would not unite them as a class.  In addition, students role played scenarios in which they stood up to bullies and had to make tough choices.  Teachers then led discussions about options and ways to decide what their best choices were.

The activity culminated with the creation of their own Kindergarten Super Hero Capes.  The students either drew illustrations or things they could do to be a Kindergarten Super Hero or wrote words/sentences that shared their thoughts.  Each class then shared their hard work by parading through the office and hallways in a socially distanced parade! Congratulations to all of our Burton Kindergarten Super Heroes!

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