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Ledgemont Second Grade Students Build Umbrellas to Keep Hoppers Healthy



Second grade Ledgemont students in Mrs. Nguyen, Mrs. Huber, and Mr. Malkus’ classrooms have all been working hard together in groups to create a new invention for their classrooms, until everyone heard the news of the initial Extended Spring Break from Governor DeWine on March 12. Starting at the beginning of Distance Learning, students began with reading the 2nd Grade text The Umbrella Trick from Reading A-Z. During the first week, students read the story and had to write from a character's perspective about the story. After reading and writing, students were then asked “Can we build an umbrella to keep the Hoppers healthy?” Students were then given a week to begin designing and blue-printing their ideas of how they would make their umbrellas.  As students completed their blue-prints, they submitted a list of items that they planned on using to build. Once everyone's materials were submitted, students then had to create an interactive bar graph and answer certain questions pertaining to the graphs they created. Students then spent the next 2 weeks building their umbrellas. There was a wide variety of building techniques used by all students that involved welding, taping, rubber bands, glue, duct tape, and legos! After the first week, students were able to begin the real fun!

Testing out their prototypes. With the help of parents, students had to see how well their umbrellas held up in the first trial. Some students had buckets of water dumped on them, most used the hose, but someone even used their shower to give it a test run. Students are to be commended on all they did and teachers were very impressed with the hard work, ingenuity, and determination invested. Thank you to all the parents that helped make this PBL a success and to the students who spent so much time on their work. We hope you had fun. Click on the link to watch students’ final trials. 


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