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Kindergarten Registration

Welcome to Berkshire Schools Kindergarten Registration!

(*Registrants for Grades 1 – 12 must contact the District Registrar at (440)834-3380, ext. 2101 for information)


Enrollment of a child into the Berkshire School District must be completed by a custodial parent who resides within the district’s boundaries.  A new student cannot be registered by a parent or relative who does not have legal custody of the child.


Please note: Registration is a two-part process.  The first part requires completion

of the online registration system.  The second part requires an in-person appointment. 


Kindergarten Registrants: You will need to gather the information and required documents listed below before clicking on one of the “Online Registration” links at the bottom.  You will need to bring the documents from the required list with you to the Board of Education Office for the “in-person” appointment in order to complete the registration process. Note: Students must be five (5) years old on or before August 1, 2020 to register for Kindergarten for the 2020-21 School Year. 

Information Needed:

  • Household information – address and phone numbers
  • Parent information – work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student information – demographic and health/medical information
  • Emergency contacts – phone numbers (Note: the district requires at least two (2) emergency contacts other than the parent/guardian(s)).


Required Documents:

  • Original or official birth certificate (copies will not be accepted)
  • Proof of Residency

Acceptable forms of proof of residency: current electric/gas bill that includes name and physical address, property tax bill, purchase agreement OR current signed rental/ease agreement (with beginning and ending dates listing all occupants)

  • Residency Verification Form – this form is required only if the parents are living with another person/family within the Berkshire School District.  The homeowner and the student’s parent must complete this form and then take it to a notary and sign it in their presence. 
  • Custody or Legal Documents (if applicable) – Official court stamped/signed documents pertaining to family situations (i.e. guardianship, custody)
  • Driver’s license/photo ID
  • Current IEP and ETR/MFE (if applicable)

These documents are required in addition to the above list and must be turned in by the first week of school.  These forms are part of the kindergarten information packet:

  • Immunization records
  • Physical Examination
  • Oral Assessment

Click to View Kindergarten Packet for Burton Elementary 

Click to View Kindergarten Packet for Ledgemont Elementary 


Registration for Berkshire Residents (please choose one of the following options):


Option 1:  For Berkshire families (residing in the district) with a child who is currently enrolled in the district, you may register your new incoming student for the 2020-21 SY (Kindergarten - Grade 12) through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account, by following these steps:


- Log into your Campus Parent account (

- From the Menu on the left, click on "More" (located at the bottom of the menu options);

- Click "Online Registration"


Option 2:  For Berkshire families that are new and have no children currently registered with Berkshire Schools, you will need to register your new incoming student for the 2020-21 SY, by using one of the following links below:​

REGISTRATION LINK           Use this link if you have an email address


REGISTRATION LINK 2        Use this link if you do NOT have an email address