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Ledgemont First Graders Explore, Identify and Critically Think During Insect PBL Activity



First grade students at Ledgemont Elementary School participated in an exciting and very teachable project-based learning activity to further their observation, identification and critical thinking skills…that involved insects! On what was entitled a ‘wilderness insect hunt,’ students went outdoors to observe insects of all varieties, shapes and sizes. They observed behaviors, their living environments and then selected an insect to research in a collaborative group. Once selected, students were asked to create a 3-dimensional figure which represented the insect and then deliver a presentation with the use of Google Slides technology. In all, first grade students were given the experience of outdoor learning, research, effective communications within a group, and then sharing their findings with peers. Congratulations to Mrs. Lauren Girdler and Mrs. Cathy Zembower who helped to make this a special and memorable unit of learning for our beloved first grade students.

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