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Burton and BVA Kindergarteners Participate in Earth Day Project Based Learning Activities & Parade

2021 Kindergarten Earth Day Parade

Over the past three weeks, the Burton Elementary Kindergarten classes and Badger Virtual Academy (BVA) Kindergarten students, have been completing Project Based Learning activities about our planet.  They started off the PBL by defining living and non-living things.  Using this definition, they then determined whether objects were living or non-living by testing the criteria.

When they were confidently identifying living and non-living objects, they began to focus on the life cycles of living things.  They talked about plants, animals, and human life cycles.  Most students planted seeds and documented the progress of the seeds through the completion of a plant journal, which is still on-going.  The students began to link the importance of living organisms and how we all help one another on our planet Earth to live.

Next, we began to look at things that affect the earth we live on.  We talked about air, land, and water pollution.  We discussed various ways to improve those situations.  We learned the importance of taking care of our planet together.  Students were challenged to answer the question, “How can we, as scientists, share our findings with others in our community and encourage others to help keep our planet clean”.

Through stories and videos, the students explored Earth Day, a world-wide celebration that shares information with over 200 billion people.  We learned about recycling, reusing, and conserving natural resources.  Several projects were completed during this phase of learning.  Some students made reminders to shut off the lights when leaving the room for every classroom in Burton Elementary and the Board Office.  Others made life cycle collages out of recycled objects demonstrating the need for replanting things.  Some students created a new object or game using a box they were given to show how things can be made into something entirely different.  They learned a variety of songs celebrating the planet as well!

The students decided to share their passion with the Burton Community.  They planned a “Parade for Our Planet”.  Due to inclement weather, it did not take place on the official Earth day of April 22, but rather on Friday, April 23rd.  Burton Elementary and BVA students met and walked from Burton Elementary carrying signs they made about keeping our Earth clean.  They walked around Burton then met on the circle to perform the songs they had learned.  Following the parade, they shared a picnic lunch before heading back to school. Congrats to all participating students on their hard work, learning growth, and for promoting the importance of keeping our Earth clean!


Kindergarteners marching and holding signs for Earth Day Parade

Kindergarten students singing Earth Day themed songs

Kindergarten students with teacher at Earth Day Parade


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