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The Badger Pause

Last Updated: 11/6/2019 1:53 PM

The 2019-2020 Staff

Junior Samantha Pinzone

PinzoneSamantha Pinzone is a junior at Berkshire jr/sr high school. She is returning for her second year in journalism. Samantha is excited to write about satirical articles and many more. Samantha is a 16 year old smart individual who studies hard and make sure her work is turned in on time. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, and spending quality time alone, and hanging out with her cat Mora. Her favorite food is pasta. Samantha’s friends describe her as funny, caring, and a hard worker. She came to Berkshire in 2nd grade. Her favorite subject in school is journalism. Samantha brings a lot of teamwork and hard working skills to the journalism squad.


Junior Jackson Hare

HareReturning to this year’s Journalism class, as editor, for his second year is deceivingly “I just want to be” nice junior, Jackson Hare. He runs cross country and is a member of the student council. He is also known as “The Golden Dragon” and ”The Chosen One” in the Society of Avian Reptiles. This year, he is excited to write about “all of the above”. He is a man of few words yet still expresses his strong opinions thoroughly. Jackson is a small cute bean with big aspirations. Jackson’s favorite subject is “deep breath... English”. His favorite hues include blue, blues, and blues clues. His aspirations include attending college yet he hyperventilated when asked what he wants to go to college for. His best friend is the light of his life, his dog, Little Miss Sunshine, also known as Sunny. He is a man with sophistication like no other and a student who graces all with his presence.


Junior Gennah Brown

Back at it for another year of writing with The Badger Pause is Gennah Brown keeping this bio short and sweet--just like her--she is ready, willing, and excited to be a part of the staff once again. As a two-star-multitasker, Gennah is also partially successful in her hobbies and after-school activities. The extra-curriculars she enjoys participating in are writing for and helping with the high school and junior high PenOhio teams, Theatre, and AC4P; her past-times include, but are not limited to, creative writing--mostly poetry, painting, running, and reading. Gennah is always open to hearing new ideas and insights for her work in the newspaper, but most importantly, she is excited to write her way into her fellow Badgers’ hearts.


Junior Dani Zilka


Junior Kyle Carrington

CarringtonKyle Carrington is a first year writer for Badger Pause as enters his Junior year at BHS. He is an emotional Leo that often enjoys reading. You can win his heart by indulging in the enriched lore of mythology and discussing it with him. Video games is also a passion in which he focuses his attention on; while bowling with friends is what entices him to go outside. Animal crackers are Kyle’s go to snack when his sweet tooth is nagging him. Kyle desires to major in psychology and sociology, and is undecided in which college he wishes to attend. He has decided to join the Badger Pause because of a fascination for writing.


Junior Timmy Hein

Timmy Hien is a Junior at Berkshire Jr/Sr High School. He is a first-year writer on the Badger Pause team. Timmy spends a lot of time outside of school procrastinating on his homework, and watching a lot of TV shows. When it comes to his work, he is always able to accomplish it, even at the last minute. Timmy also enjoys creatively writing in his free time. A great way to win Timmy’s heart is giving his Snicker bars. After high school, Timmy is not sure what he will be doing at college, but plans on going regardless. He hopes to be accepted into The Ohio State University.


Junior John Michalski

MichalskiJohn is a junior on the Badger Pause staff. This is his first year writing for the newspaper and he is excited for the year ahead. He has been described by his fellow writers as, “Unusual, you probably wouldn't believe he existed if you’d never met him.” He is often seen working, which consists mostly of taking breaks and delegating. In his free time he is on the football team and is a self proclaimed, “I don’t know…” John is like a blonde Johnny Depp, but with less acting abilities and facial hair. He actually has little to no traits in common with Johnny Depp...




Sophomore Kelsey Adams

AdamsKelsey Adams is a sophomore here at Berkshire High School, and this is her first year on the Journalism Staff. In her own words, Kelsey is “epically excited” to write for The Badger Pause. With passions for both history and writing, we will definitely see some interesting things coming from Kelsey, possibly including articles about school politics and conspiracies. She is an extremely devoted and hard-working person on the whole, seemingly always on the brink of a total and utter breakdown due to exhaustion. All jokes aside, she is truly very committed to everything she is involved in- including the Berkshire Thespian Society, the stage crew, marching band, the creative writing team, Pep Club, and the cheer team. If you happen to find her during one of the very few times that she is free, Kelsey may be listening to music, painting, or trying to figure out how on Earth she is going to fit all her extracurriculars into her crazy busy schedule. Her friends describe Kelsey as sporadic, clever, and a touch insane-- but the good kind of insane. 



Sophomore Ian Martin

MartinIan Martin is an upcoming sophomore, and he is embarking on his first year as a writer for The Badger Pause. This past year he played the great and powerful Oz in the musical The Wizard of Oz. He is excited to write about crazy conspiracy theories and outrageous tales. He enjoys archery, pew pew. He is diabetic and has more than a few missing organs. He has also received a $5 scholarship this year and is planning to cash it in for a tidy profit! Although, not much can be bought with such a small amount. Ian reminds me of a snail. Thank you.


Sophomore Hope Zagar

ZagarHope Zagar is a sophomore at Berkshire High School and a first-year writer for the Badger Pause newspaper. Hope has proven herself as a shining example of what it is to be a Berkshire student. She is a Thespian, part of the creative writing club, a varsity bowler and on the student council. She is a dedicated student and excited to make herself known. Hailing from NDES, her suspicious amount of charisma and chipper personality may seem out of character for others we know who came from a private school. With her burning desire to improve her writing skills, and the want to control the masses by paper media, journalism seems to be a long time fit for Hope. Some topics she is excited to touch on are our everyday school struggles and “whatever comes to my mind”, which may be seen as a threat to some. Her favorite subject is English and she flourishes in an academic environment. To put it in simpler terms, Hope is truly the beacon of Berkshire in all aspects, and expect to see her article gems in this year's Badger Pause papers.