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John Stoddard

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October 2017


Berkshire Local Schools Community Member:


I would like to thank all who participated in our survey about early release time.  We had 421 responses to our survey.  The results are very clear that those who responded are in favor of keeping the early release schedule as it is.   The graphs from the survey are below:

Forms response chart. Question title: Would you be in favor of trading every Thursday early release for 4 full days to be spread out throughout the year?. Number of responses: 414 responses.Forms response chart. Question title: Does the Thursday early release cause issues with your family's schedule?. Number of responses: 421 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: When should we pursue this change?. Number of responses: 410 responses.

Based on this feedback, we will keep the schedule for early release as is. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or principal.  Our goal is to work as a partner with you to help our students reach new heights, and we can only do that if we work well together.




John Stoddard


Berkshire Local School District


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