BE 1st Graders Research, Write, and Learn with Mrs. Mann


researchingThe first graders at Burton Elementary have been busy working on their reading and writing skills and learning about the basic needs of living things and how they are met by obtaining materials from the physical environment!

They read about animal habitats and characteristics through reading books from the classroom library and also by using their Chromebooks; researching with educational videos and digital media on Epic books! 

The children brainstormed ideas and completed graphic organizers to learn about the needs each environment must offer in order to survive! These first grade students wrote a rough draft from all the information they gathered, conferenced with the teacher to revise for a written final copy, and then typed it on a Google document. They learned how to research and find photographs that would enhance their work; they copied these to their document. Then the children learned how to share their document with the teacher for further editing suggestions. writing

We were even able to communicate through Google Docs and make corrections. The children were so excited about this! The next step was peer review, another mini-conference with the teacher, and revisions.  Then we had a final copy!

To add more in-depth learning, each child constructed a habitat with the food source, water source, and shelter.   Everyone brought materials from nature and home! They collaborated in a kind and caring way during this entire project.

Mrs. Mann was so proud of these children for offering help respectfully, researchsharing supplies, and giving compliments! The class presented the projects to each other, teachers, friends and families. The children were able to communicate what they had learned and ask questions about the observations and explanations of their peers. Way to go first graders!

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