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Kelly Rinehart
Principal, Ledgemont Elementary

Berkshire Local School District
16200 Burrows Road,
Thompson, Ohio 44086
440-298-3341, ext. 200 440-298-3342, (Fax)

Kelly Rinehart, Principal

March 15, 2018


Dear Parents,

I wanted to take a moment to truly commend our staff and students for the exceptional job they all did during this week’s lockdown drill. I was truly impressed with the planning and thought that our staff put into protecting our students, as well as their ability to quickly and fluidly adjust through several potential scenarios. Our students listened carefully to instruction in order to maximize their own safety! I am very proud of the way they all responded during this drill and even more so impressed with the valuable conversations that took place afterward, as we processed the event again, reflecting and assessing areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Thank you families, for your support as we all continue to encourage our students to be aware of their surroundings at all times and report to an adult if something/someone doesn't seem right. Again, it is our hope that we will never have to put these procedures into practice, but our duty is to prepare as much as possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On another note, in case you have not heard, my husband and I are expecting our first child in early April. I am slated to be in the building until Friday, April 6th barring any complications. I am planning to return to work by Monday, June 4th. I will miss each one of our students while I am away on maternity leave, and I will be stopping by for special events as I am able to. I trust that LE will continue to thrive under the guidance of this great staff.

In my absence, Mr. McMahan will be running the building. Originally from Rock Creek, Mr. McMahan has experience serving both as an Elementary Principal and, most recently, Superintendent of Southington Local Schools. Some of you may already be familiar with Mr. McMahan as he has substituted in our building a few times this year. Please feel free to join me in officially welcoming Mr. McMahan to our building during the third quarter awards assembly at 9am on Thursday, April 5th. I feel confident that he will be a good fit for the needs of our students, and continue to challenge them to be the best possible versions of themselves while I am away.

Mr. McMahan will be able to be reached at, or by calling the main office at 440-298-3341. During my time of maternity leave, I will periodically answer emails and phone calls. Mr. McMahan and Mrs. McKeon also have my contact information if any emergencies arise requiring my immediate attention. If you have any questions or concerns during my absence, contact me at 440-298-3341 x200, or email at I look forward to seeing you all again when I return to the building and your children.


Yours Sincerely,

Kelly Rinehart
Ledgemont Elementary Principal


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