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Project Based Learning is in full swing at Burton Elementary goldi

Project Based Learning is in full swing at Burton Elementary. Mrs. Mann's first graders experienced quite the entry event to kick off their project! The students were surprised to have a visit from Goldilocks. The classroom was transformed into a crime scene full of clues that all lead back to a little blonde haired, blue eyed girl wearing a blue dress with size 2 shoe. Clues included a broken chair, porridge ingredients, a messy bed, and muddy footprints. Mrs. Ambrose and Mrs. Lillibridge also took part in this learning adventure by delivering "confidential evidence" throughout the day.  A design challenge was incorporated by building a trap to catch Goldilocks. 

Berkshire Elementary Students Go Outside the Classroom for Learning Opportunities outdoor image

First grade students from both Burton Elementary School and Ledgemont Elementary School had an interesting outdoor learning experience, as part of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum, and visited Penitentiary Glenn Nature Park

Mrs. Maxwell's Kindergarteners Engage in Collaborative, Creative Learning K

Mrs. Maxwell's kindergarten class started out their first full week of school with a bang!  First, they read the story If You Take A Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff.  After sharing the story, they brainstormed to create a word web explaining what Teamwork meant to them.  Then they put teamwork into action.

Mrs. Stouffer's Kindergarteners Take On a Design Challenge volcano

Mrs. Stouffer's kindergarten kids jumped right into the swing of things as they started off the year completing a design challenge.  Their challenge was to create a volcano.

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