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Stephen Reedy
Principal, Berkshire Jr/.Sr. High School

A message from Mr. Reedy


Welcome to the 2016-2017 Berkshire School year! While starting our second year with our new Ledgemont family, we are looking forward to all the new faces and creating new traditions in our endeavors to promote our students to their full potential. As we continue to make the transition into one Berkshire Family, we must remember that many of our students need to hold onto old traditions just like any culture anywhere in the world hopes  to.  Special things, like the marching band using part of Ledgemont’s fight song on first downs in football, help to continue to make this transition run smoothly.


We’d also like to welcome all of our new transfer students, students that have moved into the district and the new staff members who have joined us this year. We hope you have found your niche and feel welcomed in your new home.


As always, with the continued state mandated testing schedule, we as a staff, are continually working to provide the best classroom instruction possible.  Our staff is fantastic,  and I enjoy working with them every day. Their dedication to our students is exceptional and can be seen every day in their instruction, student support, and extracurricular involvement. Many of our staff can be found in their classrooms well past the afternoon bell as they work toward improving your children’s futures.


We are happy to report that the iPad roll out has greatly benefited each student’s path to success. Textbooks, assignments  and lessons are available to each student on a 24 hour basis, and allows everyone easy access to the materials by placing them at their fingertips. The Infinite Campus portal continues to keep our staff connected to our students and their parents with the ability to continually be updated on student progress. Many staff members have been using the online classroom application, Remind, to update students and send reminders of upcoming due dates, tests and quizzes. In a world that is so technology driven, our staff does an excellent job of finding and using the most appropriate apps to keep kids connected.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Berkshire Community, Thompson, Montville, Burton, Claridon, and Troy for their continued support of all of Berkshire’s programs. From academics to sports to fundraisers and “causes”, you have been a tremendous asset to our students’ successes. Thank you for your continued involvement with our kids because it takes a community to “maximize each student’s potential as an individual and as a responsible citizen.”

We as a staff, welcome any questions and concerns you may have. Contact us through our school website: or call 440-834-3380.



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